What are some good vacation bible school games?

I’m going on a mission trip to a very poor country in central america and we are going to host a vacation bible school for the kids there. I chose to lead the games station. I need any good suggestions for some good games to play on a low budget outdoors.

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  • kim says:

    I went on a mission trip to Mexico a few years ago. We made balloon animals with the older kids. The kids also loved blowing bubbles, playing soccer, and coloring, playing Sardines, the opposite of Hide-N-Seek (depends on the area though). We also sang songs and made up dances to songs like this one:


  • DJ_HipHop says:

    I have been to a lot of vacation bible schools and christian camps here are some suggestions.

    Game Played At Camp

    Take a piece of paper, Fold it in half like a card, on one side of it draw yourself now, your interests, ETC. Than on the other side, Draw what you think you will be like in the future, How many kids, husband,etc.

    Game Played At Church

    Select one verse from the bible that best describes the session. On each day have a prize ready for the first person to say the verse and where it is from. The one who does receives the prize. Prize could be anything. Example Flashlight, Pencil or pen set, Journal, ETC.

    I hope these games were a little bit of help.

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